Sneak Peek Inside the Winter Box

Sneak Peek Inside the Winter Box
Winter has arrived! We are so excited about this Beachly box with all the coziness and good vibes. At Beachly, we actually love Winter. The beaches are empty and the crisp weather gives us a chance to cozy up in our winter wardrobe. This season’s box is all about shedding those winter blues while staying comfy yet beachy. As always, we hope this box delivers a whole lot of sunshine and good vibes to you this Winter.

To learn a little more about what you can find in our Winter Box this season, check out some of the blog posts featuring each product - Pina Poncho, Palm Socks, Loulu Throw Blanket, Bamboo Utensils, Shell Necklace, Coconut Lime Candle, Mexicana Wallet.

Are you signed up to receive your Winter Beachly Box? If so, you should be getting yours in the mail over the next few weeks. If not, now is the time to sign up! Head over to our website here to get a Winter Box of your own!


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