3 Easy New Year's Resolutions for 2023 | Beachly Tips

3 Easy New Years Resolutions

Happy (almost) New Year, Beachly Tribe! There's nothing like a new year. It's a fresh start, an opportunity to set new goals, and a fresh page on a year of exciting adventures! I know how hard it can be to choose a New Year's Resolution that won't feel overwhelming by the time February rolls around - I get it! That's why I am here to share 3 simple New Years resolutions based on some popular goals. 

Whether it's saving some money, working towards your health, or having more fun, there's a ton of small changes you can make to set yourself up for success! Let's dive right in. 

Health + Wellness

Feeling motivated to get some more movement or healthier eating habits? This is a very common goal but one that is often forgotten about and abandoned by the time Spring rolls around! Whether it's from being overwhelmed or simply lack of motivation, this is one goal that is as important as it is difficult to upkeep. 

My tip? Start small, don't change your entire lifestyle! The reason people give up is because they set unrealistic expectations for what they're going to get out of the change. Transformations don't happen overnight and this is definitely a trust the process situation. 


Challenge yourself to do a simple workout, whether it's a walk, an online yoga class, or anything you enjoy for 30 minutes a day for 4 days a week. The time you may spend scrolling on your phone could be enough to get your blood flowing and it'll be over quicker than your favorite sitcom! Once you're in the groove, you can slowly start building up the time or cadence. However, if you need a break - take it! Just don't cheat yourself out of your goals. 

Fun + Memories 

Life is busy busy busy, especially in the New Year! With all the hustle and bustle, you can often forget to put yourself first and make time for things that you enjoy. Then suddenly you're looking back and 4 months have gone by with minimal photos or memories. 


My tip? Challenge yourself to try new things or set aside one day a week to do something for yourself! Maybe once a month is a bigger event like a fun date night out or plans with your gal pals, while the other nights are spent doing your favorite hobby or trying something new at home! It can be cooking, a new painting project, or a book you've been putting off. But once a week, take some time for yourself and this will soon grow into a better understanding of your fun + work balance and you'll be making memories left and right. 

Money Saving 

This is another one that can be hard for many people and sometimes, it just isn't possible! But, there are small changes one can make to help financially and relieve some stress. Over a whole year, small changes can amount to big chunk of change and I have personally adopted a few of these and have seen all the difference. 

1. Cook meals at home

Although it is self explanatory, mom was always right, there is food at home! It may be easier to go and grab something on the go, but limiting your eating out to one day a week can really make a difference in your spending habits. 

2. Starbucks can wait 

This one goes hand in hand with the eating out, you can make coffee at home too! My personal rule, I am not allowed to reload my Starbucks account myself. If I am given a gift card, awesome! But gone are the days of the $25 recharge. My Nespresso needed some love and I'm sure yours does too. 

Save the Money

3. Save the spare change

Quarters, dimes, pennies, the pieces of change that are often overlooked, these can add up quick too. For 6 months, I challenge you to save your change and $1 bills and see how much you can save. It'll be more than you think! Don't set a price on it, whatever you're able to save is already a bonus. 

Phew! That's all I have for you today, Beachly Tribe! I hope you have the best New Year and all your goals stick. These small changes can make the biggest impact and remember, you don't have to change your lifestyle overnight. Baby steps make all the difference!