How to have the Perfect Beach Picnic | Beachly Tips

6 tips on how to have the perfect beach picnic

How to have the Perfect Beach Picnic | Beachly Tips

One of my favorite ways to spend a Summer day is seaside at a picnic with my Good Vibe Tribe. From good food to great friends and a breathtaking view - beach picnics are always a fun way to spend the day. When done well, they make for some of my favorite memories. That's why I gathered up some of my top tips for how to have the perfect beach picnic. Check out these tips and tricks and get ready to sit back, relax, and enjoy a beach picnic in no time.

Beach Picnic Tips

Tip 1: Always bring a beach blanket

Taking a dip in the water? A beach towel is a must for drying off! But when you're setting up for a seaside picnic, a huge beach blanket is an absolute must. This will give you extra space for lounging, snacking, and enjoying your perfect beach picnic day. 

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Tip 2: Pack the cutting board

Practical and Instagrammable - a cutting board is definitely top of mind for a flawless beach picnic day. With uneven sand, a cutting board gives you a solid surface to display your snacks on. 

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Tip 3: Find the perfect beach umbrella

A good beach umbrella is essential for any beach day. Whether you're soaking up the sunshine and need a little break from the harsh rays or if you're setting up a fun sunset picnic with your gal pals. A beach umbrella helps to keep your skin safe from sun damage and your drinks and snacks a bit cooler in peak heat hours. 

Tip 4: Snacks, snacks, snacks

A beach picnic isn't a picnic without the snacks! From charcuterie boards to dips, cut up fruit, and even desserts - I love bringing a variety of snacks to beach picnics. A great way to simplify your beach picnic day is by prepping items ahead of time. That might mean pre-mixing salads, cutting up any fruit, veggies, or cheeses, and making sure you have everything you need on-hand. 

Tip 5: Keep it cool with a cooler 

With all those snacks (and beverages), you have to keep 'em cool. If you're a part of the Beachly Tribe, then you know where I'm going with this... the Rainforest Canopy Cooler by Vera Bradley! It's stylish, spacious, and exactly what you need to keep all your beach picnic goodies fresh. 

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Tip 6: Bonus points for the little tricks

Don't forget to pack a hand sanitizer, napkins, and a trash bag! There's nothing worse than sticky hands and sand or not having a place to toss your trash. Always remember to keep your eye on your snacks - as the seagulls are sneaky snack lovers, and take your trash with you on your way out!

And lastly - have fun! Beach picnics are a great way to spend the day with friends while enjoying beautiful scenery. All you have to do is choose your location, pack up your cooler, set up your spread, and enjoooy :) 

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August 11, 2021

A cutting board is a fabulous idea. I would love to have one added to my next Beachly box

Doreen Burger

August 09, 2021

A new cutting board is always good, so sure, I’ll take one if added to an upcoming box.

Tracy Tylkowski

August 09, 2021

I would love to see a cutting board in a future box!
Margie Mccormick

August 09, 2021

A small cutting board would be a great item for a future box! Probably 12" square, or similar size. And washable, not wood.

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