Beachly Brand Spotlight: Meet Maison du Soir


Hey Beachly Tribe, the Winter season has finally arrived! We're working with some of the best brands to bring you a box filled with luxurious, cozy goodies to keep you feeling the beach vibes all Winter long. I'm so excited to share our first brand with you - Maison du Soir! Want to learn more about their brand story and background? Keep on reading!

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Maison du Soir

Brand Story

Behind the Brand
Courtney Kates Garcia is the founder behind the Maison du Soir brand. She was inspired to create Maison du Soir after realizing she couldn't find the ideal kind of sleepwear she was looking for - something high quality and stylish while also being comfortable and flattering. Courtney currently resides in Spain where she designs all of the Maison du Soir products and new lines. She believes sleepwear should be designed to make us feel as beautiful as we deserve to feel.

About the Products

Every Maison Du Soir garment is crafted with impeccable quality, luxurious fabrics and made with you and your personal style in mind. Maison du Soir believes that sleepwear should mimic your overall style, and that always wearing beautiful will make you feel beautiful. Want to see more of the brand? Shop the Maison du Soir collections here.


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