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Behind the Brand: Meet Coconut Bowls

Hey Beachly Tribe! I'm so excited to kick off the Spring giveaway season with none other than Coconut Bowls - a featured brand from the Beachly Spring box. I couldn't imagine a more fitting company for us to have partnered up with this season. Coconut Bowls is a brand all about sustainability, the spirit of Aloha, and bringing island vibes straight to you through their handmade coconut bowls. 

Their product feature this season is the Aloha Jumbo Coconut Bowl made in collaboration with Earthy Andy. The Coconut Bowls brand story is inspiring, uplifting, and just what you need to get you excited for your Spring Beachly box to arrive. Ready to learn more about Coconut Bowls?

P.S. Our giveaway with Coconut Bowls is now live! Head over to the Beachly Instagram to see what it's all about and enter to win the Beachly x Coconut Bowls giveaway - worth $464!

Behind the Brand

Coconut Bowls was founded in late 2015 by Australian digital nomad, Jake McKeon. He was ending a six month journey where he traveled around the world backpacking and surfing. His travels opened his eyes to the growing problem of single use plastic worldwide where he saw beaches in Central America, Southern California, and Europe covered in litter. 

When Jake came to the end of his travels in Bali, he was inspired by the vision of using wasted coconut shells as a resource to eat from after seeing local crafts people in Bali sanding and polishing coconut bowls into keepsake bowls. Little did he know that this was just the very beginning!

Coconut Bowls Brand Story

Jake had 100 coconut bowls made in Bali and packed them up with his surfboard to head back to his homeland in Australia - ready to share his new idea with friends and family.

Overtime, he began creating smoothie bowls in his Coconut Bowls every morning to keep his tropical travel days alive in spirit. After a few shares to Instagram, his friends started to become a part of his ritual and before he knew it - people wanted to buy the coconut bowls and he sold out! 

Coconut Bowls Beachly Spring Box

Fun Fact

Every year billions of coconut are harvested for their water and fruity white meat - unfortunately, 99% of coconut shells go to waste. That's where Coconut Bowls comes in! They reclaim these wasted coconut shells and turn them into a resource. There is truly no piece left behind - Coconut Bowls works with local artisans to handcraft leftover coconut shell chunks into wooden utensils. 

About the Coconut Bowls Products

Coconut Bowls are definitely the bowl of choice for any sort of bite in a bowl you could imagine - smoothie bowls, açai, and all sorts of other plant-based meals. They now offer a wide range of Coconut Bowls products in all sorts of sizes, bamboo straws, cups, candles, and reusable wooden cutlery. 

Coconut Bowls Beachly Spring Box

Fun Fact

The Coconut Bowls community has grown to over 5 million people all around the world. It's pretty inspiring to see the Coconut Bowls community share their Coco Creations of healthy bites and delicious recipes every day. Check them out here!

The Coconut Bowls Mission

Coconut Bowls is on a mission to replace single use plastic with natural products - all inspired by living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle, with good vibes too, of course! 

Coconut Bowls Beachly Spring Box

Fun Fact

By 2025, Coconut Bowls wants to have 10 million people as a part of the Coconut Bowls community, 10,000 cafes and 3 million households using Coconut Bowls products in exchange for single use plastic. They're also working towards creating 100 jobs for artisans in rural Vietnam and donating $500,000 to 1% For the Planet. How cool is that!?

Coconut Bowls is more than just a brand - they're a movement for global sustainability and community worldwide. As a company, they are committed to sustainable social and economic practices. They currently are partnered with 1% For the Planet, Cool Effect, and host monthly community beach clean ups in Byron Bay.

Feeling inspired? I know I sure am! While you wait for your Spring Beachly Box to arrive, head over to the Coconut Bowls website to expand your collection of Coconut Bowls products and support their inspiring mission to leave a positive impact on the environment, world, and their communities. 

Shop Coconut Bowls here and use code BEACHLY for 15% off your order.


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