Now don't get me wrong... I sure do love soaking up the sun! But protecting my skin from harsh sun rays and longterm damage is always top of mind. And let's be real... nothing ruins a beach day like a bad sunburn! That's why this season, we partnered up with Protekt products to bring you the best in sunscreen for Summertime. And I'm also going to add in some of my top tips just in case you forget to reapply and get a sunburn. 

Be Preventative!

The best sunburn 101 tip I have to offer - be preventative! A little Vitamin D never hurt anyone - and actually, soaking up some sun rays is good for your skin, health, and overall wellbeing. But these few tips and tricks can help you to be preventative and avoid a bad burn.

Maximize the effectiveness of your sunscreen by rubbing it in with circular motions to make sure you're fully covered. Reapply every 60-80 minutes for maximum protection! And try to avoid being out in the sun during peak UV times (10-4 pm usually depending on where you live!). 

Post-Sun Care

After-sun moisturizers are the B E S T for making sure your skin stays hydrated and soft after a long day spent in the sun. Some of my favorites are the Herbivore After Sun Soothing Aloe Mist, Tula Hydrating Day & Night Cream, and the Sun Bum After Sun Cool Down Lotion. Another easy at-home favorite to sooth skin post-sunshine is cool compressing with a cold, wet washcloth! 

P.S. Aloe Vera always does the trick too! Fresh cut aloe vera is my fav :) 

No matter what you do... don't peel it!

If you have a bad burn, it's best to treat it with soothing, cooling products, avoid sun and harsh chemicals, and no matter what you do... don't peel it! Your skin will naturally start to heal itself. Just remember your pre-sun tips to avoid burning again in the future!


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