I absolutely love the excitement leading up to the holiday season, but I equally love the refresh and restart you get at the start of a new year. That's why I'm sharing a few of my favorite ways to practice mindfulness as we head into 2021. The same way we all want to start each day off on the right foot, it's just as important as starting the new year off on the right foot, too! Want to learn more? Keep on reading!

P.S. Are you excited to set new routines and habits for the year? Mindfulness should be at the top of your list! Did you know practicing mindfulness helps you to find more clarity, concentration, positivity, and solid decision making throughout the day? Sign me up!

Simple Starters
Mindfulness and meditation are often grouped into the same category. While both provide exponential benefits, there's a huge difference. Many of us tend to zone out during meditation while quieting our thoughts. Mindfulness is more about focusing on the present moment and not zoning out. It's being intentionally aware of what you're doing when you're doing it to fill you with empowerment. Some super easy ways to start practicing mindfulness? Light a scented candle or water your plants as you start your day or wind down in the evening. It doesn't matter where or when - it's up to you! After you're all settled in with these simple mindfulness starters, you can begin to really create rituals that make a huge difference in your day.
Creating Rituals
Do you have a morning or evening ritual you love? Maybe it's your favorite cup of coffee, making your bed, or your skincare routine in the morning. And at the end of a long day, you might love to cook a healthy meal, enjoy a glass of wine, or take your pup for a walk. We all have rituals, but oftentimes we aren't mindful about them. And it's really simple - mindfulness is awareness. It's all about being present and grateful for the moment you're in regardless of where you are, who you're with, or what you're doing. 

As you can see, there's not much extra we need to do to start practicing mindfulness. All it takes is being more present, grounded, and focused on what you're doing. That's why I love to practice mindfulness at the start and end of my day. Because we all know the in-between can be filled with all sorts of other events, people, and energy! So sit back, relax, and take a deep breath, Beachly Tribe! We made it through 2020 and had tons of good vibes despite the challenges. We're so excited to enter the new year with you and can't wait to share what we have in store. 

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