Beachly Bites: All-natural recipes to try in your Spring box Coconut Bowl

Beachly Bites Coconut Bowls Earthy Andy Spring Box

Aloha sunshine! Can I let you in on a little secret? This week kick's off our first Spring giveaway of the season (launching this Friday!) - and it's going to be with our friends over at Coconut Bowls. Our HQs may be on opposite ends of the world - but we share the common thread of a love for sustainability, the spirit of aloha, and all-natural beachy bites to fuel us! 

In case you haven't seen it already - Coconut Bowls Spring box feature is the Aloha Jumbo Coconut Bowl which was made in collaboration with Earthy Andy. I pulled together some of my favorite recipes from Earthy Andy's cook book - Plant Over Processed to share with you! If you try a recipe (or all of these recipes) out, snap a pic and tag us on Instagram using #beachlyxcoconutbowls. Can't wait to see what you create! With that, let's dig in to some recipes.

The Sunrise Shack Bowl by Earthy Andy

This Instagram-worthy smoothie bowl is inspired by our friends over at the Sunrise Shack Hawaii. We partnered with the Sunrise Shack in our Fall 2020 box and delivered the Beachly Tribe a dose of sunshine with their Today is a Good Day Tumbler. The Sunrise Shack is all about spreading good vibes with all-natural, healthy eats. 

Coconut Bowls Earthy Andy Sunrise Shack Hawaii Beachly Subscription Beach Box

What's in the Sunrise Shack Bowl?

Mango chunks - frozen ripe bananas - fresh pineapple chunks - ground turmeric - plant based milk (I prefer coconut!) - dragon fruit - granola - shredded coconut

The Bali Earth Bowl by Earthy Andy

This season's box was inspired by the lush jungles of Bali, so I couldn't help but resist sharing this delicious lunch bowl recipe. Not to mention, the origin of Coconut Bowls was inspired in Bali and the abundance of coconut shells that could be repurposed into sustainable goods. 

Coconut Bowls Earthy Andy Beachly Subscription Beach Box

What's in the Bali Earth Bowl?

Tofu - sweet potato - extra virgin olive oil - sea salt - peanut sauce - black rice - shredded pickled purple cabbage - shredded carrots - shredded beets - snap peas - avocado - micro greens - baby leafy greens

Want to see the full recipes on these delicious and nutritious bites? Order Earthy Andy's Plant Over Processed book here and enter code EARTHYANDY at checkout to receive 25% off and free shipping.

Cookies n' Cream Vegan Ice Cream by Earthy Andy

What's a recipe blog post without something sweet for dessert? This guilt-free vegan ice cream is absolutely delicious! Fill your Aloha Jumbo Coconut Bowl from the Spring box with this sweet treat to spark some good vibes and treat yourself.

You can see all the details on this vegan ice cream recipe when you visit Earthy Andy's website. Enjoy!

Coconut Bowls Earthy Andy Beachly Subscription Beach Box What's in the Cookies n' Cream Vegan Ice Cream?

Frozen bananas - almond milk - cacao nibs - coconut sugar - vanilla bean - nut butter - vanilla extract - sea salt

What recipes do you plan on creating for your Aloha Jumbo Coconut Bowl in this season's Spring Beachly box? Leave a comment down below to let us know!