The Pirette Hydrating Lotion and Tiny Bandit Coconut Sands Shell Candle Bundle

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*Bundle Includes Pirette Lotion and Tiny Bandit Candle

Hydrating Body Lotion

By: Pirette

Retail Price: $38

Details - This Hydrating Body Lotion is lightweight, fast absorbing and rich with antioxidants to help moisturize and nurture your skin. Composed of Coconut Oil, Macadamia Oil, Shea Butter and infused with the PIRETTE flagship scent, your skin will be left soft and refreshed without feeling greasy or sticky. 

How To - Apply to the skin after the shower, at night, before getting dressed or when it's feeling dry. 

About the Brand - The PIRETTE mission is to create high quality beauty products infused with an authentic beach scent. That’s why their products transport you to those perfect days with sun and sand. They are never crafted in a boardroom,  inspiration is found right at the beach. They use the highest quality ingredients and unlike your ex, are non-toxic. Each item in the PIRETTE collection features their flagship scent which consists of notes of fresh coconut, surf wax and sunscreen for a dose of vitamin sea. It's a little refined, a little salty (just like us all).

The Coconut Sands Shell Candle

By: Tiny Bandit

Retail Price: $20

*Beachly Exclusive  

Details - This AMAZING smelling candle features hand poured coconut wax, a cotton wick and tropical notes that transport you to a surf lined beach. Lightly sprinkled with crystals & shells from the sea, welcome to paradise.

About the Brand - Growing up, founder Heather Beaudoin was immersed in a culture that was all about crystals, creativity, and spirituality. Bohemian wasn’t a trend, it’s been her way of life.  With almost ten years of experience under her belt designing for others, one inspirational day Heather had a lucid vision of what her own collection would look like and created Tiny Bandit. The line boasts personal nuances including hand drawn fonts, hand painted watercolors for the labels, & custom blended fragrances. Every item is organically one of a kind. The Tiny Bandit Collection was created to shine light on your path and inspire your wellness life rituals.

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