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SpotMyUV- SpotMyUv Detection Stickers - 12 Pack

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Whether it's a day at the beach or an afternoon on the trail, always remember to reapply your sunscreen. SPOTMYUV™ prompts you so you don't forget.

SPOTMYUV™ is the world's first clinically proven UV Detection Sticker that gives you a clear view of your sun protection. As you run, swim, sweat, and play, SPOTMYUV's™ patented dermatrue™ skin mimicking technology interacts with sunscreen like your skin, giving you a personalized reminder about how your specific activities (swim, sweat) might washed away your sunscreen.

SPOTMYUV™ is the simplest way to help you keep reapplication front of mind.



-Water & Sweat Resistant - Wear SPOTMYUV swimming!
-Won't leave a Tan-Line (reapply when it turns purple). 
-Works with Spray & Lotion sunscreens.
-Reversible colour changing sticker for multiple uses
-Lasts for 6 reapplications of sunscreen or 12 hours
-Hypoallergenic Adhesive.
-Dermatologist Pediatrician Approved


Important Info:

-SPOTMYUV starts purple.
-Then, SPOTMYUV will turn clear with sunscreen & sunlight.
-The same sticker turns purple again when sunscreen's worn off.
-You can then reapply (up to 6 total sunscreen applications) & use the same sticker for up to 12 hours.
-Use a new SPOTMYUV sticker each day.
-Always follow the directions of your doctor, dermatologist, and your sunscreen.
-Don't stick SPOTMYUV on cuts or open skin.
-Ensure your sunscreen is broadband, blocking UVA & UVB

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