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Sea & Grass - Tahitian Vanilla Candle

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Musky. Exotic. Sophisticated

Revel in the goodness of this soothing aroma hand batched with love. The Sea & Grass Tahitian Vanilla Candle came to life by partnering with Purveyoroffragrance

The exotic sweet smell has vanilla tones that will sweep you away to your favorite tropical island. After the top notes of vanilla essence come the warm and decadent scent of flowers and musk. It fills your space with a peaceful and inviting scent sure to encourage relaxation and sweet dreams. 

The Tahitian Vanilla Candle comes in a high-grade, clear glass holder, hand-wrapped with braided, natural seagrass. The burn time is up to 40+ hours, and after this, the glass transforms into your favorite cocktail or beverage glass. It’s a reusable vessel that will last for years.

But as much as we love burning the Tahitian Vanilla Candle, we find candles are a sophisticated home decor addition. Add the candle to a shelf in any room, and it’s a home accessory that’s simple yet unique.

Sea & Grass Tahitian Vanilla Candle Details: 

  • Burn time is 40+ hours
  • 10oz glass 
  • Vegan & cruelty free Soy blend 
  • Reusable beverage or cocktail glass
  • Natural seagrass wrap

How to Clean the Candle for Reuse: 

  1. Burn the Candle.
  2. Remove the seagrass wrap*
  3. After burning completely, place the container in the freezer to harden the remainder of the wax and then chip it out.
  4. Wash with soap and water. 
  5. Use the glass to sip your favorite tropical cocktail.

*Caring for your Sea & Grass Candle wrap is simple. Before washing the glass, remove the seagrass wrap to prevent the natural fibers from getting wet and moldy.

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