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Sea & Grass - Coconut Milk Candle

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Creamy. Musky. Coconutty.

The new Sea & Grass Milk Candle slowly takes you island hopping without packing a suitcase. It’s our latest collaboration with Purveyoroffragrance. Each candle comes in reusable glass, wrapped in braided seagrass.

The scent combines cream, coconut, musk, and the right hint of island flair. Once lit, the intoxicating essence will awash your senses and give you that end of vacation glow. But once it burns through, the high-grade glass becomes the perfect beverage holder. Mai Thai, anyone?

It’s an eco-friendly addition you’ll feel good about burning.

Or don’t light it at all. The natural seagrass glass becomes budget-friendly home decor. Instead, place the candle on a shelf or dresser, and you’ll pop the room with a down-to-earth vibe guests will love.

Ethical. Sophisticated. Fragrant. 

Sea & Grass Coconut Candle Details:

  • 40+ hour burn
  • 10oz glass 
  • Soy blend 
  • Reusable cocktail glass
  • Seagrass wrap

How to Clean the Candle for Reuse: 

  1. Burn the Candle.
  2. Remove the seagrass wrap*
  3. After burning completely, place the container in the freezer to harden the remainder of the wax and then chip it out.
  4. Wash with soap and water. 
  5. Use the glass to sip your favorite tropical cocktail.

*Caring for your Sea & Grass Candle wrap is simple. Before washing the glass, remove the seagrass wrap to prevent the natural fibers from getting wet and moldy.

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