Laguna Salt Company - Salt 2 Pack - Multi


Pick up this sea salt duo and kick your meal up a notch (or ten!)

Includes Hawaiian Black Sea Salt and Sweet Hibiscus flavors


Hawaiian Black Sea Salt:Our Black Hawaiian Sea Salt not only tastes delicious, it looks gorgeous. It's the result of the genius combination of solar evaporated pacific sea salt and activated charcoal. The charcoal brings out the natural salt flavor and adds nutritional value. Bring it out to surprise your guests with its dark hue and texture.

Suggestions:Can be used to add a slight earthiness when used as a finishing salt for salads, poultry and fish. The black color also makes this a great garnishing salt.

Ingredients:Natural Sea Salt, Activated Charcoal



Sweet Hibiscus Sea Salt:Get ready to be amazed when you experience the effect our Sweet Hibiscus Sea Salt has on your favorite foods. Much like its namesake, this salt will surprise you with its vibrant red hue and sweet floral undertones. Its bold color will draw you in and its sweet flavor will remind you of a fresh spring day! It makes a great finishing salt, due to its eye-catching color.

Suggestions:Use as a garnish on the glasses of your favorite cocktails, enhance salads and desserts, such as pies or custards, or try it on white fish or chicken.

Ingredients:Natural Sea Salt, Hibiscus




Good Vibes Guaranteed