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Bundle Includes:

8 oz Maui Rinse ($26 Value)

Soak, Scrub, or Rinse for your Hair, Body, or Bath.

What screams tropical vacation more than a Piña Colada?! We'll wait. Ok but seriously, this Rinse has all the perks of the original California Rinses (beachy hair & oceany skin), except this one smells like you could drink it. Please don't. Perfect balance of pinapple and coconut. If Pacifica isn't enough coconut for you, we can guarantee you'll find it in this one. The scent of Maui leaves when you're done rinsing, but you'll definitely want to come back for more.

Beach Rinse is made of all natural ingredients, and simulates an ocean experience! It leaves your hair beachy, and your skin feeling ocean dipped. You can use Beach Rinse in multiple ways: soaking in it, scrubbing with it, or rinsing your hair with it. We prefer all of the above for a fully submersive experience. When you use it in a steamy shower, you'll walk out feeling like you just went for a tropical ocean swim while visiting your favorite island. 

Bamboo Comb ($7.50 Value)

The perfect pick for your luscious locks!

This wide tooth hair comb is 100% bamboo. It's ocean friendly (zero plastic), sustainable, and better for oil distribution on your scalp!

Wide tooth combs are an excellent choice for Beach Rinse hair. Since we want to keep the natural look, this allows you to tame your mane without fussing over it too much. This wide tooth comb allows you to pick at it gently and distribute oils more evenly, while keeping that effortless ocean-tossed look.

Size: 5"x2"

Sticker Pack ($8 Value)

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