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Active Skin Repair - Active Repair Spray

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One Natural & Multi-Functional product, the everyday skin repair needs of the entire family from baby to grandma … seriously!  Active Skin Repair is something our team caught wind of from the medical staff at the WSL, we then quickly fell in love and its now a staple in our beach bags, medicine cabinets and glove compartments (we literally don't leave home without it!).  The active ingredient is the same molecule the human body produces to heal itself making the product non-toxic, antibiotic-free and best of all for all the little ones running around it actually doesn’t sting.  Throw away your peroxide, neosporin, aloe, after itch, rubbing alcohol, balmex, hibiclens (the list goes on) and replace with this single health-first 3 oz product.  

Also, did we mention its all biodegradable & they are a 1% For the Planet company?
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