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Active Skin Repair - Active Antimicrobial Hand & Face Hydrogel Spray

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Are you tired of using all the alcohol-based products that are hammering your skin?  Us too.  With our face being the target region doesn’t it seem like we should be using a product that is safe to be sprayed in and around your eyes, ears, nose and mouth (something you can’t do with alcohol based products)?  We do, and we found something you might be interested in: 

Introducing Active Antimicrobial Hand & Face Spray, an all-natural hydrogel spray safe to use around all areas of your body, including your mouth, nose, ears, and eyes. Active harnesses the power of HOCl, the same molecule produced by our bodies, and delivers it in a clinically proven, non-toxic solution.  Active Antimicrobial Hydrogel Spray packs a one-two punch keeping your skin free of harmful microorganisms while supporting the skin's natural healing mechanisms against cuts, insect bites, sunburns and more.  

Also, did we mention its all biodegradable & they are a 1% For the Planet company?
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