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To start .. the service and the desire to make the consumer happy with the shipment is fantastic. That is very rare. I have talked to customer service, they called me to make sure I liked what I got. Second, they got it right. I am in Hawaii on vacation and they got both the shirts right. I am wearing my Volcom shirt now. On my 4th month now. Thank you for restoring what good service and product delivery is ... a raving fan

Stefan C Jezycki

Surf Shop box is seriously incredible. Totally removed my need to shop for any casual clothes. All of the T’s are comfy and fit perfectly, and the sweatshirts and long sleeves shirts during the winter months are KILLER. Boardshorts are great too. I’m almost a year into my subscription and couldn’t imagine canceling. Most value I get for $50 a month anywhere. Stay gnarly Surf Shop Box.

Sean Bergman

I have been doing this box for over 6 months and haven't had one item that was meh. All items received have been high quality name brand surf wear. Highly recommend Surf Shop Box.

Mike Barker

Received my first Surf Shop Box in June and not only was it generously packed, each and every thing I received I've used. I absolutely love the Indosole shoes! By far the best subscription box for the ocean lover. I am unable to make it to the beach as much as I'd like but I can live vicariously through the contents of this box. Proud to be a supporter and subscriber!

JJ Gregorius

Great way to get nice goodies picked for you based on your preferences. The sizes I requested fit perfectly, the delivery is on time and I always use the items in the box, especially if you go through the quiz where you are asked a bit more specific questions regarding the items you prefer. Keep it going! Hi from Finland!

Lorenzo Dotson-Smith

I've been receiving the surf box for about 4 months and each month gets better and better! I have a box coming in a couple of days and I am wicked excited with what I’m going to receive! Thanks SSB

Andrew Hamilton

They sent me an excellent choice of items, and the fact that I didn’t have to leave my house to get them is pretty awesome, man! I’ll keep my subscription going for at least a year. Surf Shop Box rocks!!!

David Palfrey

Haven't had a bad box yet! They nail my style every time and the customer service is the best. Would love it if you could buy other styles/colors of the stuff you get in the box. Surf Shop Box Rocks!

Mark Barger

Being from So Cal but living near DC now I don’t get many chances to shop at surf shops anymore. This is a nice way to get a little piece of that back again. Great price, great gear that I actually wear and easy to do. Love it.

Danny Hochman

I have loved every box they have sent to me to date. Every box has arrived on time and always look forward to getting the upcoming shipment.

Mark S C McAlpin

Great customer experience. Had an issue with an item, and they made the exchange painless and personalized the item to my preference. And I got introduced to a brand I never knew existed- which i'll definitely buy in the future. Love this company.

Sean Claire

The Surf Shop Boxes are awesome. It’s a great way for me to get surf style apparel when I can’t get it around my local area. Keeps me fresh in the surf game.

Arian Antonucci

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