Winter Product - Vagabond Utensil Set

Winter Product - Vagabond Utensil Set

At Beachly we believe in doing the best we can for the environment whenever we can. Finding ways to be a little greener each day is something we are always striving for. That’s why we love the Vagabond Utensil Set in our Winter Box.


Born from the hypnotizing patterns and bold color schemes found in cultures around the globe, Vagabond Goods creates premium yoga, beach & travel accessories in striking designs for the enlightened athlete. Made using premium materials and the latest printing techniques, Vagabond Goods strives to make unique, cutting edge products with an artist's touch.  All Vagabond products are designed with love in Venice, CA.





Each Bamboo Utensil set includes a knife, chopsticks and spork all made from bamboo… an eco-friendly way to stay green and be stylish at the same time. The set comes with a cute printed case that makes bringing these with you on the go super easy. No more excuses to use those plastic throwaway utensils!

Quick Tip - To maintain the life of your Vagabond Bamboo Utensils, make sure you hand-wash them and avoid leaving them to soak in water!




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