Winter Product - Fresh Produce Shell Necklace

Winter Product - Fresh Produce Shell Necklace

A great necklace can turn a simple outfit to stylish and fun look. The Shell Necklace from Fresh Produce that is in our Winter Box is a perfect addition to your jewelry collection and can be worn this Winter and for all seasons to come. It’s no wonder we are loving this piece!





At the heart, Fresh Produce is full of color, fun, and the promise of a grand adventure. Through stories of family vacations, the way color makes you feel, the confidence their artistic prints inspire during your day, Fresh Produce is a feeling. Looking forward, they will always stay true to their fun-loving, vibrant, and optimistic core that is rooted in color. Through color, they will continue to deliver happiness, authenticity, confidence, and self-expression to EVERY woman… EVERY size… and EVERY age.





This gold necklace from Fresh Produce features a turquoise beaded chain with tassel, star and shell charms. What we love most about this necklace is the flexibility of being able to wear it with just about anything in your closet. The red color of the tassel is a great pop against dreary winter weather and is perfect for the holiday season while still retaining that beachy touch. How will you style yours?!


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