SUMMER PRODUCT: Say hello to the Tropical Escape Towel by Sand Cloud

SUMMER PRODUCT: Say hello to the Tropical Escape Towel by Sand Cloud

Happy first day of Summer, Beachly Tribe! Summer boxes are out and shipping, so I thought I'd share another fun season spoiler. This product comes from one of our most requested brands ever! They're local to San Diego and innovating the traditional beach towel to something more functional and stylish all in one. With that, say hello to your new favorite beach towel - the Tropical Escape Turkish Towel by Sand Cloud!


This isn’t just another pretty towel (although it really is beautiful, that color, those tassels- we love!) But this authentic Turkish towel dries 3x faster than your average towel, gets softer & more absorbent with every wash and repels sand.

Sand Cloud x Beachly

Style Tip: Not just for the beach- try as a decorative tapestry to add a little beachy flair to your home decor!


Sand Cloud was founded on the sunny beaches of San Diego, inspired by the surrounding ocean. At the time, it was just three friends with a dream to reinvent an age-old product: the beach towel. They committed themselves to using sustainable materials and donating a portion of all sales to marine conservation charities as a way to protect the beaches. 

Now, Sand Cloud is more than those three friends could have ever could have imagined. Sand Cloud not only sells the world's best beach towel, but they've introduced other eco-friendly accessories, like clothing made from recycled materials, reef-safe sunscreen, reusable glass water bottles and reusable metal straws. 


At Sand Cloud, the mission is to protect the oceans and #SaveTheFishies. As they continue to grow their brand, they are focused on creating the best sustainable products in the world. From packaging to products, everything is designed with sustainability in mind.  

Sand Cloud has been named Philanthropists of the Year by the Pacific Marine Mammal Center, been ranked as one of the fastest-growing company by Inc Magazine, and worked with partners like Ryan's Recycling on community beach cleanups.


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