CALLING ALL BEACHLY BABES! We have an announcement to make… The Spring Box is… SOLD OUT! All thanks to each and every one of you! And you know what that means, we can finally start sharing some sneak peeks at the Summer box! We’re so excited for our Beachly Tribe to get the Summer box. It might just be our best one yet…

So with that, here’s a sneak peek at our Summer brands. It’s the perfect blend of bright, vibrant, and fun beach style for soaking up the Summer sun. Get ready to say “hey again!” to some of your favorite brands and “nice to meet you” to some new Beachly friends. Pssst… you’re going to LOVE all of them!

Summer Brands

Meet  RAEN

One of the hottest eyewear brands on the market. RAEN is a Southern California, beach-inspired brand. And here’s a fun fact… their offices are right down the street from the Beachly HQ, so we’re neighbors! Being rooted in Oceanside, California, RAEN is surrounded by expression, creativity, and a flourishing community of surfers, skaters, and artists. Their brand and products are designed with a touch of eccentricity and uniqueness which makes them the perfect fun, Summertime accessory. “Inspired by the classics. Handmade for today.”


One of the most wanderlust-y, boho-chic brands out there AND a Beachly Tribe favorite! Hint hint: Winter 2019. Cleobella is family owned and based in California. Their unique pieces are globally-inspired and uplift the cultures and traditions rooted in the artisans handcrafting them. Every Cleobella product is truly a timeless piece of art! The global artisans they work with design one-of-a-kind products of beauty and integrity. If this doesn’t get you excited to add your first, second, third (or more) Cleobella piece to your closet, then I don’t know what will!


Another Southern California, beach-inspired neighbor and friend of Beachly! Are you seeing a trend here? Sand Cloud is on a mission to help save Marine Life. As they continue to grow their brand, they are focused on creating the best sustainable products in the world. From packaging to products, everything is designed with sustainability in mind. Not to mention the incredible functionability of their products and the super cute colors and designs!


An up and coming brand that I know our Tribe is going to absolutely love! Protekt products are perfect for you, your kids, and the environment. When Protekt started developing their line of products, they embarked on a path that placed skin health at the forefront of everything they do. They go above and beyond by being reef safe, child friendly, H20 resistant, and cruelty free. How awesome is that!? “No matter where life takes you, Protekt has you covered!”


I have a feeling this is a brand the Beachly Babes are going to relate to! Poppin’ Bottles was started by a C.E.O and a M.O.M, chronicling the good, the bad, and the truth about womanhood and motherhood. There are 5 years, 3 provinces, and 2 children between them, and on a good day, a couple bottles of wine. Their Summer product feature is cute, fun, and adds the perfect beachy touch to the box! We can’t wait to see our Tribe using it all Summer long.


One of my all time favorites! Kopari is another Beachly HQ neighbor in sunny San Diego. At Kopari, every product starts with 100% pure, organic coconut oil sustainably sourced from small family farms in the Philippines. Their products are made with the purest intentions because they are unnaturally obsessed with all things au natural. Kopari makes clean coconut products for your everywhere because coconut is one mother of a multitasker.  And we think that is beautiful!


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