Beachly Tips: Podcasts to Give a Listen to Today!

Beachly Tips: Podcasts to Give a Listen to Today!

Aloha Beachly Babes! With Summer coming to an end, I've been doing lots of pre-Fall cleaning, evening walks to watch the sunset (there's nothing like a warm Summer night), and listening to podcasts. Listening to a podcast a day has kept me feeling inspired, educated, and entertained all at once. So I rounded up this list of my most recent favorites. Enjoy! 

The Skinny Confidential

With over 50 million downloads and consistent appearances in the top charts, The Skinny Confidential Him & Her podcast is one of my all-time-favs! I've listened to e v e r y single episode and haven't regretted one yet. This podcast has it all - from light-hearted humor to life lessons and education. You'll love it! 

Give a listen to...

#90: Tanya Zuckerbrot - #110: Rich Roll - #223: Ryan Holiday - #242: Gabby Reece - #257: Shaun Neff 

Available on Apple and Spotify

RISE Podcast

The RISE podcast is all about having “bold conversations” and receiving “real-life takeaways.” Each episode is inspirational, motivational, and filled with all sorts of education. If you're a young female navigating your way through your 20s or a working-mom trying to find balance in your 40s - this podcast has something for you!

#14: Define your "WHY" - #24: Change your Life - #102: Finding a Bigger Dream - #124: Supercharge your Morning Routine - #150: Embrace the Stuck

Available on Apple and Spotify



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