Mark Healey on Surf Splendor Podcast

When it comes to surf content, it seems that we can't get enough - Instagram, blogs, magazines (kinda), webcasts, surf videos, books, board porn, kooks of the day, kook slams, North Shore kooks (lots of kooks) and now...podcasts. Podcasts are on FIRE as of late, and a few brave souls have been pioneering the surf podcast space. Talking about surfing in an engaging manner for an hour or more straight isn't easy, but David Scales and Scott Bass have been mastering the craft for quite some time now. David and Scott have separate, but not really separate podcasts - it's a little confusing, but after listening for a while, you'll figure out what I'm talking about. David's is called Surf Splendor and Scott's is Down The Line - Surf Talk Radio. The two team up every other week for an episode of "Surf News" where they talk WSL, surf culture, surf news, kooks & dukes and more. It's highly entertaining and also very informative. 

In between episodes of Surf News, David creates episodes of his own where he interviews surf icons such as Roger Hinds, Tom Curren, Rob Machado and recently, our boy Mark Healey. 

In late February, David and Mark met up at the Surf Shop Box HQ (also shared with Sustainable Surf) in Manhattan Beach, CA. The two discussed sharks, big wave surfing, training, the career of a professional surfer, Healey Water Ops and of course, Surf Shop Box.

Load this episode up on your phone and give it listen on the way to or from your next surf!

Click here to listen to Mark Healey on Surf Splendor Podcast

Mark Healey and David Scales Surf Splendor Podcast


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