Happy Aloha Friday you salty folk..

So we cracked our first beer in the office a couple minutes ago and we want you to join in the stoke.  Here are three ways for you to get stoked this weekend!


Catalina Classic Paddle Race winner


On Sunday August 28th the world’s best paddlers will be on Catalina Island for the Catalina Classic: the most badass paddling competition in existence.  The course?  32 miles of open water from Catalina Island to the Manhattan Beach Pier in Los Angeles.  Paddlers are on 12-19 foot boards and use only their hands to make their way through the channel.  Conditions are unpredictable and the race usually takes between 5 and 9 hours.  This annual competition has been happening since 1955 and has become a rite of passage for anyone who wants to be a true waterman.  Dudes we’re watching this year are local Jack Bark who is due for a win and last year’s winner Max First.  Its sure to be an epic race.


Vans Pro Junior


The Men’s Junior Tour continues this week at the Vans Pro Junior in Virginia Beach.  The contest started August 22 and is scheduled to pick back up again on Sunday August 28th.  Brazilian surfers Mateus Herdy and Samuel Pupo have been representing for the international talent, but will be up against 13 year old Californian stud Tyler Gunter who is the current North American No.1.  Tune in to see the next generation of pro surf contenders and possibly pick up a couple new tricks.  Check out the live stream of The Vans Pro Junior here.


Island Earth Image


We are stoked to check out the Malibu Screening of Island Earth, a film that explores the GMO controversy in Hawaii.  The film’s made by pro surfer Cyrus Sutton, who moonlights as a film director and founder of the outside surf website Korduroy.tv.  The film sheds light on Hawaii’s struggle against the industrial agricultural system and the growing movement of local people who are fighting to take back their food supply.  You can read more about the Island Earth the film here.

Click here for details on the Malibu screening of Island Earth.  If you can’t make it out to Malibu on Saturday, you can host your own summer screening at home.  The film is available on both iTunes and Vimeo.  Go check it out!




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