The Sunrise Shack


The Fall season has been one of our all time favorites! To keep spreading the good vibes and show our appreciation for the Beachly Tribe, we're kicking off another G I V E A W A Y ! This week's giveaway is with our good friends from the Sunrise Shack Hawaii. Keep on reading to learn more about their brand story, background, and more. 

P.S. Don't forget to head over to our Instagram to enter this week's giveaway - it's worth $387! With that said, say hello to the Sunrise Shack!

Brand Story

The Sunrise Shack is widely known as one of Hawaii’s top places to get healthy acai bowls and coffee while enjoying all the tropical vibes. Founded by four surfers with a passion for healthy eating and a dream just crazy enough to work. With locations on Oahu’s fabled North Shore and Waikiki, this bright yellow little shack serves up all the delicious food and positive vibes you could ever need. 

The Sunrise Shack

 Behind the Brand

The Sunrise Shack was founded by three brothers - Alex, Travis, and Koa Smith. The brothers grew up on the Hawaiian Islands and spent their days surfing and enjoying the islands natural beauty. At the age of 3, these brothers started a fruit stand at the end of their driveway and saved up enough money for a 2 month trip to Australia. Talk about entrepreneurship! In 2016, the three brothers paired up with their friend Koa Rothman and opened the first ever Sunrise Shack on the North Shore in Oahu. 

Beachly Perk

As a member, The Sunrise Shack is giving you 10% off with the code beachly. Head on over to their website and snag some Sunrise Shack, limited edition goodies. Support a brand that was founded on a childhood dream, healthy eats, and beachy vibes.


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