Behind the Brand: Meet Earthy Andy

Behind the Brand: Meet Earthy Andy

Hey there, sunshine lovers! It's another Friday and I'm so excited to kick off another weekend of fun in the sun this Spring with a Beachly giveaway. This week, we're collaborating with Earthy Andy - one of my personal favorite beach beauties. She's all about living the aloha lifestyle and truly radiates a life filled with good vibes. Andrea Hannemann - aka Earthy Andy - has a feature in the Spring Beachly box, too! Can you guess what it is? It's the Aloha Jumbo Coconut Bowl by Coconut Bowls x Earthy Andy!

Earthy Andy is all about inspiring people to be more health-conscious and she provides guidance to living a lifestyle rich in health and fitness on her Instagram and blog. She has a cookbook out called Plant Over Processed - and this season, Beachly Members can get 25% off and free shipping when ordering it using the code EARTHYANDY. Grab yours here!

Are you ready to learn more about Earthy Andy and her aloha lifestyle? Let's dive in to learn a bit more about living in the aloha spirit!

Earthy Andy Collaboration

In Hawaiian, Aloha means ‘the breath of life'. It is used as a greeting in the Islands and a reminder to live your life guided by love. This season, we collaborated with Earthy Andy to bring the love and light of island life into your home. Travel over the rainbow and into the tropics with Earthy Andy's Aloha Jumbo Coconut Bowl featured in our Spring box

These Jumbo Coconut Bowls are handcrafted from coconut shells that have been discarded as waste. They are sanded until smooth and polished with coconut oil to bring out their natural beauty. Notice the beautiful, hand-painted Aloha Rainbow on each bowl? We thank Earthy Andy for sharing this extra touch of love on each bowl! 

Want to order more Coconut Bowls? Use the code BEACHLY for 15% off and shop your favorite Coconut Bowls here

Aloha Eats

Ready to make some tropical inspired treats in your new Jumbo Coconut Bowl? Earthy Andy has you covered! Her Plant Over Processed book is the perfect coffee table decor and filled with sooo many mouth-watering delicious eats. 

It's all about a lifestyle that encourages healthy living choices in all aspects of life, reaching for results of optimal health and well-being, or simply enjoying some delicious recipes. You will find something for everyone here, whether health is your big thing or not!

Check out Earthy Andy’s new book, Plant Over Processed, for a list of fun, healthy and delicious recipes to compliment your new bowl! And don't forget to enter the code EARTHYANDY at checkout for 25% off and free shipping. 

Earthy Andy Collaboration

Aloha Days

Another thing I'm loving from our favorite Beachly beauty is her passion for spreading good vibes to the planet. Earthy Andy has some great ways to live in the aloha spirit. I personally love her ideas on how to get involved and feel good the aloha way! Check out her out four simple ways we all can take action and show your love for the beach lifestyle. 

Feeling inspired with good vibes? I know I sure am! And to keep the good vibes going, don't forget to head over to the Beachly Instagram to enter the Beachly x Earthy Andy giveaway! Together, we can all live in the aloha spirit! 


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