Beachly Products: The Kukui Body Lotion by Hanalei

Beachly Products: The Kukui Body Lotion by Hanalei

The Tribe has spoken... and everyone has been loving the Kukui Body Lotion by Hanalei! It might be one of our greatest hits yet. It's the perfect blend of Aloha aromas and luxuriously moisturizing ingredients for silky smooth skin. I've already gone through my entire bottle - it's just that good!

If you're like me and need a little replenishment, you can treat yourself to another bottle of Hanalei lotion to carry you through the tail-end of the Winter season here. Or if you haven't tried it out yet - I definitely recommend you grab a Winter box before they're all sold out!

But before you do that... I'm here to share some fun facts about Hanalei and their Winter box feature - the Kukui Body Lotion. Want to learn more? Keep on reading!


All About the Kukui Body Lotion
The Kukui Body Lotion is made with cruelty-free ingredients and pure Hawaiian kukui oil. It's packed full of moisture and relieves dryness while restoring deep hydration with essential fatty acids. Another key ingredient in the Kukui Body Lotion by Hanalei is aloe vera which delivers antioxidants, enzymes, and vitamin A & C. It has a soothing sensation and anti-inflammatory properties too to really drive in moisture. Beyond the natural Hawaiian ingredients, the Kukui Body Lotion has a light citrus scent to make you feel extra luxurious. Use it in the morning to revive your skin or cozy up at night with some extra hydration for a warm night in. 

Behind the Brand with Hanalei
Hanalei is a local Hawaiian brand known for their cruelty-free beauty products. They create gentle, restorative skincare products that are inspired by Hawaii's lush, tropical landscape and native botanicals. They infuse everything they do with the spirit of Aloha and as a brand, they embody all the Aloha vibes, too! I was lucky enough to get to know some of the gals on the Hanalei team, and let me tell you - not only do they create some of my favorite products but they are the most down-to-earth, genuinely kind people. 

Fun Fact
"Hanalei is located on the North Shore of the Hawaiian Island of Kaua'i which is renowned for its spectacular beauty. The pouring rain in Hanalei supports lush forested valleys to create an ecosystem where island life thrives. RThe rainwaters of Hanalei feed streams that nurture tropical landscape and native botanicals. Legends say it was in Hanalei Valley where the first rainbow was created by the Hawaiian goddess, Anuenue. From this, Hanalei gets its name, "lei valley" or "crescent bay," because like a colorful lei that wraps around the ocean, Hanalei's rainbows can be seen around the crescent bay."

What's your favorite Hanalei product? There's soooo many to choose from! One of their all-time best sellers is this lip treatment. They have a ton of shades to choose from and a lot more products to shop too! 

Want to treat yourself to some more Hanalei goodies? They're offering Beachly Babes 30% off with the code HAWINTER. Shop here!


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