Beachly Perks Spring Member Deals

Beachly Perks: Spring Member Deals are Here!

Flowers are blooming, the sun is shining, Spring boxes are arriving, and Beachly Member Deals are here! Every season we partner up with all of our favorite brands in the beach lifestyle space to introduce you to new brands, bring you sweet deals, and come together as a Tribe. This season, we have over 40 brands we're working with to deliver Beachly Members even more good vibes. Are you in the mood to shop 'til you drop? I have six exclusive deals to share with you to save some extra cash!

Beachly Spring Member Deals

Shop Chaser

Chaser is a contemporary clothing line living for the evolution of style. Their products are designed in Los Angeles and embody the spirit of the cool girl. I love to grab a Chaser piece from my closet when I'm grabbing a drink with a girl friend on the weekend - sooo much style and a Beachly Perk to save you some extra cash. 

Shop Laguna Salt Co.

The Laguna Salt Co. delivers handcrafted sea salts made in California. Their salts are created to enlighten and inspire health living through delicious bites. I love to experiment with their eclectic salt flavors. Grab some Laguna Salts and pair with my favorite Coconut Bowls recipes. Yum!

Meli Wraps

Meli Wraps are environmentally-friendly reusable beeswax pieces to keep the food you love fresh! Their prints are fun and the wraps are made with certified organic cotton, Hawaiian beeswax, tree resin, and plant oils. We had a few on hand at the Beachly Member Market but sold out within minutes! Grab yours straight from Meli Wraps with your Beachly exclusive code. 

Logan Tay

Logan Tay is all about fun, beachy, whimsical, bold, and youthful accessories. I adore all of their designs and can't get enough of the feminine beach vibes their jewelry delivers. Treat yourself to a jewelry piece that represents joy, passion, and happiness - all inspired by the ocean as a great escape. 

P.S. We had a few Logan Tay pieces in the Beachly Member Market too that sold out sooo quick! Would you want to see one of their jewelry pieces in a future Beachly box? Let us know down below!

Sea & Grass

Sea & Grass is a brand that creates beautifully crafted, all-natural handbags. Their bags are inspired by Thailand and made using seagrass. I love shopping companies that support local artisans ! Sea & grass bags symbolize Thai culture, hardworking women, and a female-founded story that I know you'll love. 

You can check out the Sea & Grass products featured in the Beachly Member Market too - we have a few of the Casey Tassel Pouch and the Camryn Coastal Stripe Tote! Grab one for yourself or a girl friend before they're sold out! These beauties are a hot item for warm Spring weather and sweet, sweet Summertime. 

Surf's Up

Our friends over at Surf's Up Candle are definitely a Beachly Tribe favorite! They had a feature in the Winter 2019 Beachly box - do you remember the Coconut Lime Candle? Shop their 50+ fragrances - all coastally-inspired and filled with seaside aromas.




March 29, 2021

would love to see Logan Tay jewelry in a future box!

Candice Highsmith

March 29, 2021

I live on an island and there are times I need a quick gift for a friend who is down or a favorite bartender’s birthday. I purchased several items from Logan Tay to have on hand for when I can’t boat over to the mainland, or even when I can. So cute. These would be great in a Beachly Box.

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