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Behind the Brand: Meet Lano

Introducing our Spring box friends from down under... Lano! Lano is a beauty brand based in Australia using ultra-medical grade Aussie lanolin to create deeply moisturizing products as a 100% natural alternative to common petroleum-based balms. Their Lip Heroes are iconic, multi-award winning, and have even been voted 'The World's Best' lip balm.

We are so excited to partner up with Lano in the Beachly Spring box to bring our members one of their cult-classic favorites - the 101 Ointment Multi Balm. We had to go with the Coconutter scent, of course to keep it beachy and bright! Want to learn more about Lano? Keep on reading! 

Lano Brand Story

The Lano brand has over 100 years of heritage based on their core principles of farming, love, and lanolin. Their founder, Kirsten Carriol, has nostalgic memories of her grandfather's rough hands magically becoming soft after a day of shearing sheep's wool on their family farm. Overtime, Kirsten learned from her father that sheep's wool contains lanolin, which mimics the hydrating oils of human skin. 

It wasn't until a few years later after time spent working in beauty and going through countless tubes of every "hydrating" balm imaginable, that Kirsten found herself reverting back to lanolin as the best possible ingredient to moisturize, heal, and hydrate skin. I bet you have a feeling you know where this is going... LANO! 

Lano Beachly Spring Box

"The beating heart of LANO is the Aussie farmer's simple, yet clever approach to life." 

About the Lano Products

Lano offers a lanolin-based skincare line that uses the highest qualty of cruelty-free and humanely sourced lanolin from local Australian farmers and their sheep. They currently have a variety of products ranging from lips and face to all-over hydration. When creating products, Lano values clean, cruelty-free, and sustainable beauty. 

Lano Beachly Spring Box

Fun Fact

Lano is working towards evolving their packaging efforts to become as environmentally-friendly as possible. Currently, their boxes are printed with soy ink and their packaging is made from plastic, aluminium, and cardboard. In 2019, Lano phased out of a variety of packaging styles and replaced in an effort to be more environmetally-friendly and make recycling easier. 

Loving Lano? I know I sure am! You can shop all Lano products and use code BEACHLY to get 15% off your order. Enjoy :)


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