The most popular question we get is "What's inside the box?!". Well, take a look for yourself! Below is a sample of actual boxes that have been shipped out over the last few months.

Please keep in mind that NOT all boxes are the same. The products inside the boxes differ based upon a member's style preferences, location and feedback that has been provided. For example, in the winter, a box may include a beanie for a member located in a cooler location, such as Oregon. We aren't going to send a beanie to a member in Hawaii, so they would receive a different item, such as a hat or sunglasses. 

The September Surf Shop Box

The month of September is still warm for most of our members, so we wanted to help extend the summer a little bit longer. This September Surf Shop Box included items such as Captain Fin Co. boardshorts, Indosole sandals and a Billabong hat. 

Inside Surf Shop Box - September Box

The October Surf Shop Box

The October Surf Shop Box was about staying stoked in style out of the water. This box included :

• The Captain Fin Co. Flannel (perfect for a fall evening)

• Cuater Belt. Cuater is a new company started by Robbie McKnight who is the son of the Bob McKnight, the founder of Quiksilver

• Captain Fin Co. Hat

Inside Surf Shop Box - October Box

The November Surf Shop Box

The November Box was all about comfort. This box included:

• Tavik Pullover Fleece. This pullover is super soft, comfy and has a great fit.

• A limited edition tee from Drifter Surf Shop in Bali Indonesia. This is something you can't get unless you make it out to Bali, which we hope you do!

• Polarized Sunglasses from Nectar. Perfect shades to wear on the beach or in the boat!

Inside Surf Shop Box - November Box


That's a little taste of what's been in recent Surf Shop Boxes. We're ready to continue spreading the aloha and to keep our members #stokedinstyle!

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