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Buzios Skin

Alohaaaa sunshines! Brooke here on another beautiful Friday with some exciting news to share! As you know, our Spring Beauty Box is shipping and we are hearing every day how much our Beachly Tribe is loving all the products. Well, I am excited to announce that we are launching the first official Beachly Beauty giveaway this week and giving you a behind the scenes look with one of our Spring Renewing Box brands!

This week, I am introducing you to Buzios Skin Co., a Brazilian-inspired skincare brand that is all about letting you feel like the best version of yourself. Ready to learn more about the brand and their Spring box feature? Let's dive right in! 

Pssst! We have a giveaway with Buzios Skin Co. live RIGHT NOW! You can check out the details on our latest Instagram post. Not part of the Beachly Beauty Tribe yet? No worries! You can sign up for Beachly Beauty her and you won't miss out on any of the tropical, sunshine vibes! 

Behind the Brand with Buzios Skin Co. 

Buzios Skin Co. was founded by Jessika Di Paulo after experiencing skin issues of her own, and after trial after trial of trying new products, it only made matters worse. It was at this point, that Jessika stopped using all the products in her routine and began to research more in-depth why her skin was reacting the way it was. She soon came to find out that most women have the same issue and is typically due to the fact that they have too many skincare steps and are often over-utilizing ingredients without even realizing it, and ultimately sensitizing their skin. 

Jessika then decided to take matters into her own hands and utilized her Brazilian upbringing to focus on superfoods and their benefits. This allowed her to incorporate the benefits of superfood into the ingredients of Buzios Skin Co. and became the first company to utilize many of these ingredients. It is Jessika's philosophy that dry, oily, or combination skin are not skin types but rather states that your skin is in and can be treated appropriately. This is the foundation that Buzios Skin Co. was founded on, and continues to be the mission statement of the brand. 

Fun Fact

Buzios Skincare products are designed to replace 10+ products in your skincare routine with only 2 products - their cleanser and serum. This allows you to have a simpler, and more effective skincare routine! 

Buzios Skin Co.

The Buzios Skin Co. Spring Feature 

I must admit, over here at Beachly HQ, we have been beyonddd excited for the feature from Buzios Skin Co. What can be better than a serum that replaces 7, yes, S E V E N steps from your skincare routine in one bottle? Dewy Skin by Buzios Skin Co. is everything your beauty routine has been craving as we're in the midst of the warmer Spring months. These dew drops are designed to brighten, tone and hydrate skin all while giving you that Brazilian, sun-kissed glow you've been craving. 

Did you know?

Dewy Skin is 100% Free of: Alcohol, Essential Oil, Silicone, Fragrance, Gluten, Paraben, PEG, Phthalate, Silicone, Soy and Sulfate. Irritant-free. We can't get enough of this all-natural goodness! 

Buzios Spring Feature

The Buzios Skin Co. x Beachly Beauty Giveaway 

You didn't think we forget, did you!? In case you missed it, we have a giveaway with Buzios Skin Co. that is live RIGHT NOW on our Instagram page! The prize pack is valued at $360+ of luxurious skincare. Want to know what's in the prize bundle? Let me tell you! 

You'll be receiving one Beachly Beauty Renewing Member Spring Box valued at $120+. This means that those who have already been a part of Beachly Beauty are receiving some of the featured products in here. However, if you're not yet a member, this is a unique assortment you won't have access to otherwise - all the more reason to try and win! 

From Buzios, let me say you are in for a treat. We were lucky enough to be able to include an extra special prize bundle. You'll be able to win an extra Dewy Skin serum, since we know you'll be loving it. The Buzios Bare Skin Miracle Cleanser valued at $76 retail, a Crystal Quartz Roller valued at $32, an adoraablleee Buzios Skin reusable canvas bag, and my personal favorite, The Buzios Ipanema Facial Brush valued at $84! 

If you want a chance to win this amazinggggg giveaway, be sure to check out all entry details on the Beachly Beauty Instagram! 

Buzios x Beachly Beauty Giveaway

We're so excited to have¬†Buzios Skin Co.¬†as a part of the¬†Beachly Beauty¬†Spring¬†box! I have a feeling you're going to love your Dewy Skin, Brazilian Beauty Elixir if you haven't received it yet. Don't forget, you can enter our giveaway with Buzios by checking out our latest instagram post, the prize total is valued at¬†ÔĽŅ$360+!

And if you‚Äôre dying to get your hands on some¬†Buzios¬†skincare goodies before we announce the winner you can use code ‚ÄúBEACHLY20‚ÄĚ to get 20% off¬†your¬†next Buzios Skin Co order. Check out their collection here!

It's never too late to join the Beachly Beauty Tribe! Join today to get in on the good vibes and all the sunshine you could ever dream of. Until next time, sunshine lovers! 

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