3 Ways to Make the Most of the Long Weekend | Beachly Tips

3 Ways to Make the Most of the Long Weekend | Beachly Tips

Hey there, Beachly Tribe! Are you ready for the long weekend? I know here at the Beachly HQ, we sure are! Depending on the weather where you live, you can cozy up indoors for a relaxing weekend of rest or get outside and enjoy that early Spring sunshine we've been lucky to feel here in Southern California. Either way, I'm here to take the guesswork out for you with 3 Ways to Make the Most of the Long Weekend - the Beachly way, that is! It's time to have some fun in the sun (if you're lucky enough) and relaaaax. 

P.S. Are you ready for Spring? I know I sure am! Stay tuned for Spring spoilers, coming your way soon - reeeeal soon, if you know what I mean! Make sure to follow along on the Beachly Instagram to see the latest updates and exciting announcements. 

Treat yourself to a night of relaxation

Light a few candles, grab your favorite skincare, and pour yourself a glass of wine, sunshine! A long weekend calls for a bit of R+R. My favorite way to wind down is by carving out time to pamper myself. So give your skin and hair that extra TLC it needs after a long, dry Winter.

Brooke's Tip

Do a face, lip, and eye mask with the Soon Skincare Trio from the Beachly Beauty Winter box, exfoliate with the Beach Rinse Maui Scrub (this one smells like a tropical vacay!), and light your favorite candle (my personal fav is from Pirette!). 

Still need to grab the Beachly Winter box? Grab yours here for only $19 with the code BB10. And if you want to know how to keep your skin glowing all year long, you can check out this blog post with all our best kept beauty secrets! 

Plan out time with your Good Vibe Tribe 

When the weekend rolls around, I love to get some gal pal time on the books. Whether I'm heading out to our favorite local coffee shop for a Saturday morning coffee or planning a girls dinner on a Friday night. An extra weekend calls for some extra friend time! 

P.S. Do you live somewhere warm and sunny? A beach picnic at sunset is a great way to get some sunshine and girl time in! I always opt for my Vera Bradley Rainforest Canopy Cooler from the Beachly Summer box. Throw some snacks and sips in to keep them cool and fresh!

Make time for just YOU!

We could all use a little me time every once in a while. If the weather permits when the long weekend rolls around, then getting outside for some fresh air and sunshine might be just what you need! But if you're still in the thick of Winter and there's fresh snow on the ground - then I have just what you need... a round up of 10 Beach Movies to Warm up your Winter! 

How do you plan on spending the long weekend? No matter what you do or who you're with, we're sending lots of good vibes and sunshine your way!